Friday, July 4, 2008


Lord Shiva is one who gets very easily pleased....he exhibits total compassion for all his devotees and we are indeed fortunate to be looked after so very well by our Lord Shiva . So go on and just forget all of your worries and insecurities, revel in Shiva Bhakti…......lets begin our journey.

Our journey starts with Bhole Shankar’s Bhakti
and Darshan, leading to invoking his mantras and learning about Him. Deriving some inspiration from the Spiritual Avatars, Teerth Yatra punya, which will then lead us to practicing meditation and other techniques for our spiritual growth.

Finally, we are bound to meet up with our Guru and guiding force of our life , who will push us up into the next realm of our very own existence, helping us find our own path , as we go along on our way !

May Lord Shiva fulfill all our wishes and aspirations, be it material or spiritual – everything is a journey, Lord Shiva is listening – that I know....and guiding us, all the way , all through our lives , just have deep and true faith in Him !

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