Friday, July 4, 2008


Have you ever thought of liberation, I mean real liberation from all the worldly surrounding, a state in which you have total tranquility and peace of mind ?

Does such a state exist ? If yes, how do we go about acquiring the same on this our journey of life !

Here is what it is all about :

Mokhsa or Mukti = Moha(passion) + Kshaya (banishment).

Moksha or Mukti is the state wherein there are no attachments of any kind.. "Moksha" effectively stands for the exalted and blissful state wherein one has no desires. This happens when all the karmic forces surrounding the soul are completely destroyed, the soul becomes the supreme soul.

This supreme soul is removed from from the cycle of birth and rebirth . Advaitism gurus propagate that Moksha is the natural state of the soul.

It is a journey by the soul to attain this Moksha and it can be attained by one's own efforts by stopping the influx of Karmas and eradication of Karmic Forces. "Moksha" should be the only objective of one's life.

How do we start this journey? We'll learn more about this in the next post !

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