Friday, July 4, 2008


This is a narration of how Parvati came to get married to Lord Shiva . As most of you must already be aware, Shakthi was born as Parvati, the daughter of the king of Himalayas. Unlike other children her age , as a young child, she was not very keen in playing like the other children. Rather, she was more interested in keeping herself absorbed in the meditation and prayer of Lord Shiva in the mountains. She also had a burning desire to marry Lord Shiva , and it was for that she wanted to perform austerity in the snow covered Himalayas.

Although her parents had shown an initial hesitation , they but finally had to bow down in the face of sheer determination displayed by Parvati., who was performing all her austerities from an ashram. In fact the reality was that Lord Shiva was very happy with Her worship and devotion, and came to her place disguised as an old devotee.Parvati gave due respect to the Old devotee of Her beloved Lord Shiva.This old devotee tried to dissuade her from wasting her youth in meditation and prayer of Lord Shiva, and that instead she should enjoy life by getting married to some one else !

He also went on to make the remarkable suggestion that She could get married to Him, instead of desiring for Lord Shiva who spends his time dancing away in the cemeteries and wearing on his body an attire which includes skulls and bones ! On hearing these words Parvati, not realising that it is the Lord Himself before her , got very angry at him, and informed him that she gave due respect to him only since he appeared to be a devotee and she would not want to hear anything of disregard to her Lord !.

She also immediately asked him to leave the place, on seeing which the Lord was extremely pleased with her determination and devotion, and went on to disclose his identity. Parvati was really astonished on coming to know the reality and pleaded for forgiveness from her Lord. On the contrary, Lord Shiva had taken her scolding in the right spirit and took it to signify the great love she had for Him ! He there and then granted her the wish that she had been aspiring for all along i.e. Her getting married to Him.

On hearing of this grand news, the Parvati's family was delighted beyond measure, and in celebration of the same proceeded to decorated the region in the most wonderful manner one could ever imagine. They were indeed very happy to learn of their beloved daughter's wedding to the Lord Himself ! And in preparation for the same, the young and most beautiful Parvati was decorated with the choicest ornaments, and the best of attire .

And the Groom - Lord shiva - came to the wedding place - astride an old bull, with skull and bone ornaments, with the skin of the tiger as the clothing, accompanied by the roar of the Buta Ganas ! On seeing this, Parvati's mother fainted immediately since she could not imagine to see the groom in such a form for her sweet daughter, softer than the flowers. Now the Lord changed to the form, glittering in a beautiful wedding robe - with golden ornaments and splendid clothing!

When Menai woke up and saw the Groom she was thrilled to see such a beautiful form and was very pleased that He is "the suitable" groom for her daughter. The play of the Lord has no bounds ! Menai saw only the external appearance of the Groom. Other than the great Parvati who knows the glory of that Groom ?! The enchanting Lord in the wedding robe got married to the Daughter of the mountains and this form of God is called Kalyana Sundharar.

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