Sunday, December 14, 2008


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Viswanath Temple of Varanashi i.e. Kashi is regarded as one of the most lively and auspicious Shiva temple in the entire world. Viswanath Temple of Kashi (Varanasi) is very famous and very auspicious temple to all Hindus. This is Jyotirling Shiva. It is said that the person who offer Puja to Lord Shiva with 'Bel Pallab' ( the sacred Wood-apple leaves ), all his desires get fulfilled. The person who have lost everything of his/ her mental peace (Shanti), gets back everything with the blessings of Lord Shiva. He (Lord Shiva) is open handed to all ...very very kind hearted you everything which is beneficial for you.

It's said that People never come back with empty hands from Viswanath Temple after offering Puja to Lord Shiva. It sounds like a mere story but true as millions of devotees say that if somebody offer Puja with a holy mind to Lord Shiva of Kashi Viswanath with Ganga Water , Billa Patra, Akanda or Dhutra, Lord shiva get immensely satisfied with him / her and blessed for fulfilling his / her secret desire. Lord Shiva sets him/her free from all distress and give Shanti ...peace in mind.

Varanasi is very very holy city. Very auspicious city. Its said that Bhagwan Sri Ram came here and stayed. Panch Pandava also came here and established SHIVLING. Mahaprabhu Sri Chaitannya came here. This is the place where so many noble men stayed for long time like – Vaskar Rao, Tailang Swami, Katia Baba, Swami Avdhoot, Sant Kinaram, Swami Bisudhyananda, Shyama charan Lahiri etc.

Even sitting at a long distant place offer your Special online Puja to Lord Shiva at the holiest temple i.e. Kashi Viswnath Temple of Varanasi - for getting your secret desires fulfilled and getting a peace in your life.

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