Sunday, December 14, 2008


Temple of Lord Bhimashankar is situated in a deep Forest around 128 kms. away from Pune. It is located at Bhuvanagiri village in Puna district of Maharashtra. River Bhimarati has been sourced from here. The holy jyotir Lingam is situated on top of the Sahyadri hill temple. Lord Siva is believed to be taking rest here after killing the Demon Tripurasura. The sweat drops fall of Lord Siva were converted into the river Bhimarati. The Bhimashankarar Lingam measures around one and a half feet & quite narrow. The Goddess is worshipped as Kamalaja. Shivaji, the Maratha ruler had made rich endowments for the maintenance of the temple. On the request of the Devas, Lord Siva resides here under the name of Bhimashankarar.

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