Friday, July 4, 2008


There is an interesting story about a demon who was in the form of an elephant (gajasura) , who did severe penance and by virtue of the same got several powerful boons from the Gods. But, this elephant demon, did not try to use these gifted powers for good and constructive things, but rather started using them for destructive activities .

He ventured to do all possible to disturb, destroy and cause harm to others. In fact the situation had become such that even the Devas were not able to take him on on account of the powers that he had acquired through his extreme penance !

As happens with all evil forces, this demon elephant was also doomed to be destroyed on account of his actions, which would eventually lead him to his own death. It so happened that when he started to attack the devotees of Lord Shiva who were completely immersed in worship of God at the holy abode Kashi, his ego and mad rage came in the way of his coming to realize whom he is taking on into battle.

Eventually, Lord Shiva, the supreme power of the universe, on seeing his devoteest being harmed , took things into his own hands and immediately destroyed the demon by ripping its body apart , the loud cries of the demon in pain could be heard all over, and in this way he lost his life, since evil cannot survive for very long !

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