Thursday, July 3, 2008


For going to the Triyambakeshwarar temple, one has to go to the outskirts of Nasik City in Maharashtra, and the first time you see it you are really impressed by the size of the domes of the temple, and the ancient look that it projects, giving you the feeling that you are back in the era of ancient civilization. The other thing you notice about the temple is that it has an Indo Aryan style of architecture,.with the temple structure having been adorned with numerous idols and sculptures, and is encompassed within a massive stone wall.

There is a huge bull in front of the temple & another marble Nandi is seen on the inside. All these sculptures are seen to be adorned even to the garbagriha with carvings of humans, animals and yakshas on them . And from the last Jyotir Lingam at the centre of the garbagriha, trickles the Ganges continuously throughout the year. It is also said that at the garbagriha one can also see the flames emanating out, and at the same time once can also hear a rumbling sound !

One must most definitely make visit to this ancient temple to get a feel of the way things were thousands of years ago !

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