Thursday, July 3, 2008


SOMNATH is the holy place where Chandra Devan had offered worship to Lord Shiva so as to free himself of the curse imposed on him by Daksha. Here is the story behind the curse :

Chandra Devan is considered to have built the temple at Somnath & therefore the name of Somanathar has been given to the Lord. Chandran Devan had fallen madly in love with Rohini, one of the daughters of Dakshan and wanted to marry her . But her father Dakshan wanted to marry all his daughters to one able & loving person, who would treat all his daughters with equal love and affection . Chandran got married to all the daughers on this condition , but his love for Rohini was too great & the time soon came that the other daughters complained to their father about the same .

Dakshan was furious about the neglect of his other daughers , and in a fit of rage he cursed Chandran to diwminish in power & beauty. When Chandran Devan went on to beg to be forgiven for his trespasses , Dakshan said that the only by offering prayers to Lord Shiva is it that he could be freed from the curse. Chandran then came to Somanath & offered prayers to Lord Shiva, doing penance for about 4,000 years. Lord Siva then came before him and told him that he could not fully remove the effects of the curse. Instead, he would be able to wane in 15 days, but would grow again. This is the story said for the waxing & waning of the moon, producing new moon & full moon.

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