Friday, July 4, 2008


Are we not supposed to each one of us be conscious of the love our near and dear ones have for us , the love that we have experienced from our parents as well as from all others whom we share a close relationship with ?

God, too shares the same love for each of us , even though we are not able to recognize the existence of God due to our lack of vision, but then we must be able to know what Love is purely by experience !

Remember when you shared this special love and experienced the love of your parents, of a friend, of a partner or of a brother or sister, or the love you have for your very own kids. This love is in itself a spark of God, who is all Love, who is all the Love in all the worlds at all times.

Remember when you called upon your mother and the love she bore towards you and even if your physical mother could not come to your rescue, some Mother or the Supreme Mother herself was most certainly there for you !.

Here is a wonderful story to make the point. It was a dark night when Lord Shiva and Godess Parvati were journeying through the sky, at which time they saw a man sitting on the branch of a tree, just about to fall on the ground due to extreme fatigue in his hands and legs. Godess Parvati on seeing this pleaded to Lord Shiva on the behalf of this falling man asking that he be saved, and Shiva preferred that Parvati should save him, instead!

In the meantime, the fall of the man had become a distinct possibility and therefore they decided that if during his descent the man shouted "mother" ( amma ) Parvati would save him whereas if while falling he were to chant the name " father " ( appa ) Lord Shiva would help to save him.

The man fell, but he shouted neither Mother nor Father, but Ayyo (sigh of misery), and so he had to descend alone to his destiny !

Do always remember, even if you are not able to recognize the Good Lord, you must most definitely be able to understand what Love is by sheer experience !

Truth is that if you remember God with the purity of your heart , he will most definitely come to your rescue in your hour of need ! God loves each of us more than we can even ever realize ! Rejoice in this love of God for us !

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