Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Lord Shiva is the most divine and powerful force in this entire universe and by chanting his name we are able to seek. His blessings in our endeavour to absorb the merest and minutest fraction of his omnipotent presence .

Lord Shiva has several manifestations and he is known by several names names which give us an insight into various aspects of His describe various aspects of His nature. The most common name by which he is known is Bholanath which literally means the one who is simple and very kind-hearted. He is also known as Lord Shankar, as well as Vishnu Bhagwan and is also known to have several Avtars, having descended on Earth for guiding and protecting mankind .

Lord Shiva has on many instances been pleased with His devoutees and has granted boons to those who prayed to Him with fervour and devoution . He is indeed the most kindhearted Lord Almighty , appropriately called "Bholanath" who listens to the prayers of the people.

Interestingly enough , Lord Shiva has manifested. His Divine presence in the form of 12 main Jyotirlings where His Lingam is Swayambhu (natural formations) and these are at the following locations in India :

1. Gujarat ( Somnath )
2. Madhya Pradesh ( Mahakaleshwar)
3. Madhya Pradesh ( Omkareshwar )
4. Maharashtra ( Bhimashankar, Nasik )
5. Maharashtra ( Trymbakeshwar, Nasik )
6. Maharashtra ( Nageshwar, Near Dwarka )
7. Maharashtra ( Gruneshwar, Near Aurangabad)
8. Maharashtra ( Vaidyanath, Parali )
9. Andhra Pradesh ( Mallikarjun , Sri Sailam )
10. Uttaranchal ( Kedarnath )
11. Uttar Pradesh ( Kashi Vishwanath, Varanasi )
12. Tamilnadu ( Rameshwaram )

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