Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Lord Shiva is the most powerful force in this universe, He has the extreme powers to create and destroy , he is the destroyer of ignorance and negativism, he is the creator of all that is good and pure. When you look at Lord Shiva you suddenly realise he is the purest of the pure, and his body complexion being milky white depicts the highest purity . Thus his association with the snow capped mountains of the Kailash range where He has his abode along with his family .

Look at Lord Shiva's three eyes , and you get the realisation that these are representative of our three worlds , the sun , the moon and the earth ! These three eyes can also be compared to the three aspects of creation . Then you have the third eye which is also symbolic of wisdom, and each time Lord Shiva opens his third eye , he does so to eliminate all the negative forces that reside within each of us .

And if you look at the crescent moon that is seen adorning His hair, it is symbolising the movement of time and also the Lord's cosmic associations . And if you do have the moon there in his hair, His head becomes the sky that you see in the night .

Coming to the posture that Lord Shiva adopts , it is usually in a sitting posture with his legs folded , and seated on a tiger skin , deep in meditation, on the heights of the mount Kailash .But then you also often find Lord Shiva, also known as Natraj, the dance of God, actively performing the tandava art form, with his hair and body in a state of dynamic motion . The resultant picture that emerges is one of perfect rhythm and harmony !

Next, if you were to observe the objects that you find in the possession of the Lord, these are the Trident , Damaru , Battleaxe , Rosary, Noose , Magic Wand and Sword .

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