Wednesday, June 11, 2008


In the Hindu trinity of Gods , Lord Brahma is known as the creator , Lord Vishnu as the preserver of the world , and Lord Shiva the destroyer , and it is his exclusive domain to perform the onerous task of destroying everything after the task of creation has been fully completed . When finally Lord Shiva does destroy the worlds we know , everything will vanish into a state of non-existence.

This fact can also be corroborated by modern science in view of the various theories on space by scientists that go on to expostulate that it is quite possible that after a few billion years all matter that is present in several galaxies would be devoured by a gigantic black hole , which is presently on the path of expansion . Perhaps Lord Shiva is the one who will be performing the task of the black hole !

But that does not mean that Lord Shiva is likely to sit idle till such time , He is even now at this very moment performing the task of destroying ! He is the most powerful destroyer of all our illusions and ignorance . Lord Shiva is also the destroyer of all our evil and negative emotions . He is the one who gives us the strength to destroy our old memories , so as we can move on with our lives .

Not only just this , Lord Shiva is the one who destroys all our emotions and passions , and all the wrong things that come between us and God , and act as obstacles to our progress , thereby giving us the energy to transform ourselves into warriors to combat all our negativity , and emerge as stronger individuals , with self empowerment to transform our lives for the better .

This therefore clearly means that the destruction of Lord Shiva is not at all negative ! All He does is positive and constructive destruction which is conducive for transforming life and energy for the overall welfare of the world . His destruction is the destruction of regeneration , for creating something fresh and new !

Compare this with the destruction of the chef , he chops and grates vegetables , fries and roasts them to create a wonderful dish for all to relish . Or if you take the case of a surgeon , he cuts the body to have access to the decayed parts, operates and performs surgery for removing , replacing or repairing the vital body organs , and emerges victorious when the surgery is successful , giving a new lease of life to the individual .

We too can regenerate our inner forces once we acknowledge Lord Shiva and pray to Him for guidance and taking us on the path of righteousness ! He will give us a new lease of life by destroying all that is negative within us , and give us the power to transform our lives , simultaneously giving us a fresh lease of life !

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