Saturday, February 19, 2011


Our parents teach us from infancy all the values that we follow through our life , and we also learn from our teachers and friends as well as from our environment what is right and what is wrong , and the fact of the matter is that many a time there are inner conflicts which confuse us as to the right path to follow !

This happens primarily because of the fact that we find a lot of contradictions between what we have been taught as our value systems, and what we actually find happening all around us !

Naturally , we are often left confused and groping for the right path to follow in our lives , and this often leaves us searching for the path of righteousness ! We are often distracted from our correct thoughts and right way of living , when we practically see a lot which is just not right happening around us !

That is the time we often question ourselves whether we are having the right value systems !
God comes to our rescue at such times and reinforces our belief in our own value systems , our beliefs , our convictions , and our firm resolve to do always that which is just and right !

God , thank you for always being there, to help us to always do the right thing, today, every day , and for the rest of our lives !!