Saturday, May 31, 2008


"OM NAMOH SHIVA ", is the chanting of a mantra which signifies the powers of the God Almighty Lord Shiva , the supreme commander and the creator of the entire universe !!

We are each one of us the creations of the God Almighty, the supreme power , and by remembering our creator and chanting of the mantra we are able to energise ourselves to a higher level of our existence , and thereby feel the vibration of this energy within each molecule of our body .

Lord Shiva is omnipresent , and by chanting of the mantra we are able to sense and feel his presence within us , and this makes us realise that we are not alone ।

Our God Almighty is with us at all times, on this, our journey of life !! Could we ever wish for or hope for anything more powerful than this, the very essential truth of our existence which makes this journey so meaningful and wonderful, that we keep chanting the mantra day and night, for our entire life, in the realisation that God is with us in all our moments, happy or sad, joyful or tragic, and it is this absolute reality that carries us forward through each day of our life.


"OM NAMOH SHIVA" , is one of the most powerful mantras in this entire universe !!

Chanting of this mantra energises the soul and gives us the strength to encounter the most formidable obstacles with a sense of pronounced calm and tranquility signifying the manifestation of God Almighty within us , to protect us and to take us on the path of righteousness , so that we may use our energies for the good of mankind .

It has been my personal experience that the continous chanting of this mantra has brought about a tremendous transformation in my own life , i feel so full of the positive energy which flows through me , and i have come to experience a calm and serenity which i had never thought possible before !